Proxy Filtering Project


For this assignment, you will need to minimally use your ubuntu vm instance to install the proxy programs and some vm instance that has a browser to test if the proxy is working correctly. - Install squid3 and dansguardian (apt install). Dansguardian won’t run until you comment out the 3rd line in /etc/dansguardian/dansguardian.conf. Then you wil run sudo service dansguardian start. - Your squid should listen on 3128, dansguardian on 8282(change the filterport in the dansguardian.conf file). Squid and dansguardian should be on the same machine. - YOU MUST DISABLE THE FIREWALL ON YOUR UBUNTU MACHINE, by doing a sudo ufw disable or sudo ufw stop - Edit your browser config to make requests through your proxy (point to port 8282). You should visit some websites and make sure that things work. You should be able to view access logs in /var/log/squid3/access.log - Whenever you make changes to the squid configuration file you will have to do a sudo service squid3 restart to make them take effect.


Remember to make sure that you are TASTEFUL. We need not experiment with any questionable sites to test our rules.

To pass off


Proxies are VERY exploitable from malicious do-badders on the internet. Make sure that you are listening at the port above. When I have marked off your assignment score, please disable your proxy.

Last Updated 03/13/2020