Information Gathering

Part I

Read the section in the CEH text about “Employee and people searches”. Then, see how much information you can find about an individual (i.e. your parents, yourself, ???)

Note: I wouldn’t pay for any service like a background check. Just find what you can using publicly available tools.

See if you can answer the following questions:

Create a document that has your conclusions a of the information you found. Maybe a 1 page analysis. What information surprised you? How hard was it to get the information? Summarize what you did to find information. Maybe put some samples of the information in an appendix page or something. (I don’t really care about the information. I care about what you learned as you did this reconnaissance.)

Part II - Nmap

All the following can be done using nmap. You aren’t restricted to using nmap. (See chapter 3 for help)

ip hostname ports os services and versions 22,33, ubuntu apache2.2 version 8 22,33, windoze something and telnet version5 and ftp version 12 22,33, windoze2

-Make a note of the ports in your document. The -O option of nmap does give back operating system information, but requires root. There is another way to see OS stuff, without using root).h

To Submit

Create one pdf with both parts above. Upload to canvas.

Last Updated 01/15/2021