Making mounts persist

When issuing a mount command at the command line, the mount will only persist until the machine is rebooted. If we always want that particular mount to persist we can put an entry in /etc/fstab.

Fstab Fields - Field 1


Ubuntu now uses UUID to identify partitions. To find out what the UUID is for a particular device we can use:

This is the recommended method, as device names are often a coincidence of hardware detection order, and can change when other disks are added or removed. Say that that you plugged another disk into your computer and booted up. It probably won’t happen, but it is possible that the new disk might be identified as /dev/sda, causing the system to look for the contents of /boot on the first partition of that disk.

Fstab Fields - Fields 2

Fstab Fields - Field 3

Fstab Fields - Field 4

Fstab Fields - Field 5-6