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IT 4100: File Systems

Resizing Partitions

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The following should be done on the clonable machine it4100-resize. You should begin by cloning the machine, changing the IP address to something within your network, and verifying connectivity. The credentials for the machine are ‘it4100/partition’.

NOTE You will edit /etc/network/interfaces to change your networking. You can delete the network line and the broadcast line if you want. You MUST change ens3 to ens4 for things to work properly. To apply the changes, you can do a sudo ifdown ens4 followed by a sudo ifup ens4.


You need to use gparted to resize partitions. To use this program, you must boot the vm with some desktop version like bionic_desktop in the ’d’ drive. (And just TRY, don’t install the OS). The GUI version will work better with more RAM, maybe 2048.

Using gparted, you will need to do some resizing and creation so that you end up with the following:

Apply changes, reboot.

Create a new mount point /newmounts for the newly created partitions. Mount them as follows:

Mount Partitions

Put entries in /etc/fstab so that these new directories will automatically be mounted at boot time. Make sure it actually works. Just use the default options for each.

Submission File Format

The submission file is a UNIX text file, and must have this format, exactly!

The file must be named fs_info.txt.

ip:        ip_address_of_your_file_system_machine

For example, my file would look like this:


Submission and Passoff

Last Updated 01/25/2021