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IT 4100: File Systems


Due according to date on Canvas


The following should be done on an AWS ec2 ubuntu instance (18.04). Begin by creating a 4 1G volumes and attaching them. You can re-use your raid setup, but you will have to delete any raid configs on them. (A command like sudo mdadm --zero-superblock /dev/xvdf might help if you do need to delete the raid array)

Create Physical Volume

Create a physical volume that uses all your EBS volumes.

Create Volume Group

Create a volume group that uses all your devices. Your volume group should be named mastergroup. (Hint: after you create it, the size should be about 3.98g)

Create Logical Volumes

Create the following logical volumes:

Name Size MountPoint Special
volume1 504M /dirs/v1 Should be set up with –type of raid5
volume2 352M /dirs/v2 Should be set up with –type of raid1
volume3 500M /dirs/v3
volume4 1500M /dirs/v4

Mount Logical Volumes

Put entries in /etc/fstab so that these directories will automatically be mounted at boot time. Make sure it actually works. Just use the default options for each.

Submission File Format

Take print screens that show you have done all of the above. The most useful commands to capture will be pvs, ‘vgs,lvs, anddf -h. Place all screen captures in pdf file and submit.

Submission and Passoff

Submit to the correct location in Canvas.

Last Updated 02/04/2021