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Lab - Forensic Analysis

Part I - Image Acquisition and Analysis

A tool called foremost can be used to view existing as well as deleted files. Remember that when we are carving, we only want to take a snapshot of the existing filesystem and not modify the current filesystem. You cannot run foremost on a mounted filesystem.

I have provided an image that I want you to look at.


You should analyze the image and see what you find. You will also want to mount the iso. You can do this with the mount command and -o loop. As in mount -o loop file.img temp\ where temp is a directory that you have created and file.img is the file that you have downloaded.

Make a list of all jpg, pdf, wav, bmp files that you find. These files may have been deleted or may not, screenshot the image files as applicable. Put it in a single PDF document.

To Pass Off

Upload the PDF document of the above stuff by the required due date.

Last Updated 12/27/2018