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IT 4100: File Systems


Due according to date on Canvas


In this assignment you will create a snapshot of an EBS volume and restore from that snapshot.

We will attempt something similar to the last assignment but instead of using EFS, use a volume. The thing that we want to focus on is: taking a snapshot of the EBS volume and restoring from the snapshot. You only need to use a single EC2 instance. We will use Ubuntu 18.04. You need to install apache2. Your new volume need only be 1GB. Attach it to your instance. You should also format your new volume as an ext4 filesystem and mount it to /mnt/web. Delete /var/www/html directory. Navigate to /var/www/ and create a symbolic link like, ln -s /mnt/web html. This will cause apache to look for pages located inside your newly mounted volume. Much like the last assignment, you should take a screenshot of your website after you have taken the snapshot, a screenshot of some change you made to the website, and a screenshot of the restored from snapshot. You should also take a screenshot of the AWS console that shows your snapshot.

You should then create a new volume from my public snapshot snap-07e6143c5a02cb577. Detach yours and serve webpages out of my new snapshot. Take a screenshot showing that you can serve out of my snapshot. (May only be available on us-east-1e AZ)

Submission and Passoff

Submit a single pdf of your document.

Last Updated 03/29/2021