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IT 3110: Systems Automation

Ansible 3


This assignment will hone your system automation skills with ansible.


You will use ansible to automatically deploy the pokemon application found here. All tasks will be performed on a single client machine.

Your playbook should consist of a few lines that invoke a few different roles that do the following:

You could choose to automatedly visit the install.php page, or do so manually. (i.e. via a curl command)

You should manually be able to show me that your playbook runs and that the pokemon app will load for you in a web browser.


Here is an example of how a playbook can be used to send in variables to a role:

    - hosts: php
      gather_facts: no
        - { role: ../roles/ldap }
        - { role: ../roles/dev }
        - { role: ../roles/nfs, AUTOFS: "yes" }
        - { role: ../roles/php }
        - { role: ../roles/hostname, HOSTNAMEVAR: php, IPVAR: }


Pass off in class.

Last Updated 04/05/2021