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IT 3110: Systems Automation



In this assignment you will install/configure 3 hosts. Make sure you are using the version of Linux as indicated by the instructor. **For Spring 2021, you can clone the focal-clone image. **

IP Address Configuration

Your IPS should be contiguous.

Account Configuration

Create a new unix account on each of the systems. This account must have the same uid and default gid on all of the systems.

Host Key

Make sure that you have copied my host ssh key to all your machines. If you have forgotten how, see this page.


Create a report with the following elements:

The file must be named host_info.txt.

ip: ip_of_first_host
ip: ip_of_second_host
ip: ip_of_third_host
user: user name on all machines
pass: password for user

For example, my file could look like this:

user: fred
pass: secret


Last Updated 01/08/2021