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IT 3100: Systems Design and Administration I

Web Server - Server Side Scripting (PHP)

Due according to the class schedule.


In this assignment, you will add server side scripting to the web server already installed.

Throughout the semester this server must be functioning correctly.

Install and configure server side scripting environment

Install the latest PHP scripting environment on your web server.

Create three more virtual web sites on your web server. Follow the same process as in the previous web assignment. Install a simple PHP file that tests the functionality of PHP on each of them. Fix any errors that occur.

On each of these 3 new virtual web sites, update the index document to include a link to the PHP test file. When creating your a tag, the contents of href must be surrounded by single quotes (i.e. <a href='foo.php'>foo</a>

Each of these new indexes must include a unique word. Each of the 3 PHP testing scripts must also include the same unique word.

Install and configure a simple web application

Find an open source web application written in PHP. This can be any kind of application, but should not need database access, unless you are working ahead on the database assignment. Download, install and configure this web application to work on one of your web sites.

If you cannot find a web app, here is a simple one. You need to change .txt to .php.


Visit each of your sites by hostname and verify the correct files are returned in each case.

Follow each of the links in the index documents to verify that the PHP test files are working.

Visit the web application and use it enough to verify that it is working correctly.

Use the log files to look for potential errors.

Submission File Format

The submission file is a UNIX text file, and must have this format, exactly!

The file must be named web_info.txt.

ip:    ip address of web server
site1: fully qualified domain name of first web site:unique word on first web site
site2: fully qualified domain name of second web site:unique word on second web site
site3: fully qualified domain name of third web site:unique word on third web site
site4: fully qualified domain name of next web site:unique word on this web site
site5: fully qualified domain name of next web site:unique word on this web site
site6: fully qualified domain name of next web site:unique word on this web site
application: full URL of web application main page

For example, my file would look like this:


Submission and Passoff

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