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IT 3100: Systems Design and Administration I

Web Application 1

Due according to the class schedule.


In this assignment, you will add a new web application to the web server already installed.

Throughout the semester this application must be functioning correctly.

Prepare for the application

Create a new web virtual host for the web application application. This includes the DNS configuration, sites-available, sites-enabled, document root, database, etc.

This MUST use your subdomain from dns-simple-2

Select the application

Select a web application that is available. The application must have a non-trivial function, and must use a database system.

Before choosing an application, read the section about not just installing from apt-get.

Examples of applications (note that I have not installed or tested most of these)(Read the documentation to make sure it will work, especially with php7.0):

Install and configure a web application

Do not use a version downloadable from apt-get.

Find and install the latest stable version of the web application. This will possibly require the installation of additional modules for apache or php. Find the instructions and follow them.

Install the system at the root of your new virtual host.


Customize your web application to make it personalized for your domain.


Use the application to verify that it works correctly.

Submission File Format

The submission file is a UNIX text file, and must have this format, exactly!

The file must be named web_application_info.txt.

app_url:  URL of the application

For example, my file may look like this:


Submission and Passoff

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