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IT 3100: Systems Design and Administration I

Review 4

Due according to the class schedule.


In this assignment, you will review work from the web and database assignments.

Throughout the semester this application must be functioning correctly.

Two More Machines

Create two more virtual machines. Give the machines unused IP addresses from your network, and host names in your main production domain. Be sure that these systems have /etc/hosts configured correctly for their host names and IP addresses.


Be sure to configure your DNS for these new machines. For the first machine, give two names, one as an A record, and one as a CNAME record.

Another Web Server

Install apache2 for one system.


Create two websites on the web server system. Use the two names configured in your DNS. Make sure each has a document root and an index.html file configured. Put a unique word in each index file.

Default Website

The default website is the one that will be used if the HTTP requests do not use either of the configured host names. For example, if the user types the IP address of the web server instead of a host name.

Configure the default web site for the system to use /var/www/default as the document root. Create an index.html file for this site. Be sure to put a unique word it this index file.


Enable PHP scripts on the web server. Enable PHP scripts the ability to access MySQL databases.

Another Database Server

Install mysql-server on the other system. Configure the the system to allow database connections on the public interface, not just the localhost.


Create two databases, bon and jovi.

Database Access

Allow the user john to have all normal access to the bon database when connecting from the IP of the web server using a secure password.

Allow the user ricky to have all normal access to the jovi database when connecting from the localhost on the database server, using a secure password.

Clean Up

Remove all access by ricky to the jovi database.

Remove the ricky user.

Remove the jovi database.

Web Application

Find the simplest PHP/MySQL web application you can find. Configure MySQL to allow the application to connect. Install and configure the application to use MySQL. Test the application.

Submission File Format

The submission file is a UNIX text file, and must have this format, exactly!

The file must be named review_info.txt.

keyword1:      unique.word.for.first.index.html
keyword2:      unique.word.for.second.index.html
keyword3:      unique.word.for.default.index.html
datarootpw:    root.password.for.mysql

For example, my file may look like this:

keyword1:      weber
keyword2:      reber
keyword3:      default
datarootpw:    rootpasswordformysql

Submission and Passoff

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