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IT 3100: Systems Design and Administration I

Domain Name System (DNS) Subdomains

Due according to the class schedule.


In this assignment, you will act as a registrar for a classmate. You will also be authoritative for another domain, using a classmate as a registrar.

Part 1

Become authoritative for another domain. This domain will be leased from a fellow class member.

Register a domain name

Arrange to register a domain name from a member of class. Note that this domain will be a subdomain of the class member’s domain. Give the necessary information to the class member for proper registration. For example, if my peer has a domain,, I may create a subdomain I will give my peer the names of my two nameservers, and, and their ip addresses and

Configure the master authoritative name server

Configure your master authoritative server to be the master for your new domain.

In addition to the names of the authoritative name servers, configure names for at least 4 more IP addresses. It is OK if the IPs do not have systems that use them.

Configure the slave authoritative name server

Configure your slave authoritative server to transfer zone data from the master.


The following details are required:

Part 2

Become a registrar. You will allow at least one class member to lease a subdomain from you. You will delegate authority for the subdomain to your lessee. The person your delegate to must be different than the person you delegate from in part 1.

Be a DNS registrar

Arrange to delegate a domain name to a member of class. Note that this domain will be a subdomain of your domain. Gather the necessary information from the class member for proper registration. Insert the correct glue records.

For example, my domain is My peer has requested I will insert records to make and authoritative for I will associate the names and with the IP addresses and, the IP addresses of my peer’s DNS servers.


Verify that your new domain is being served correctly. Make sure that your previous domain is still being served correctly. Verify that you are delegating correctly to the class member’s name servers. There are at least the following cases to consider:

Check for combinations and look for the correct results.

Submission File Format

The submission file is a UNIX text file, and must have this format, exactly!

The file must be named dns_info.txt.

master:     ip_address_of_your_master
slave:      ip_address_of_your_slave
domain:     name.of.your.domain
ns1:        name.of.your.ns1
ns2:        name.of.your.ns2
reverse:    name.of.your.reverse.domain

For example, my file would look like this:


Submission and Passoff

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