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IT 3100: Systems Design and Administration I

Domain Name System (DNS) Simple Forward Domain

Due according to the class schedule.


In this assignment, you will register a domain name with a registrar and configure name to IP translations in your authoritative servers.

Throughout the semester these servers must be functioning correctly. As systems are added, removed or changed in your domain, these servers must stay current.

Request delegation of your domain name

You have already purchased a domain name from a registrar. Use the registrar’s system to assign IP addresses for your authoritative servers and register them with the registrar as name servers, so that the registrar will delegate queries to your servers.

Configure the master authoritative name server

Configure the master authoritative server to be the master for your domain.

Configure the names and IP addresses of the 4 machines you have created so far.

Configure the slave authoritative name server

Configure the slave authoritative server to transfer zone data from the master.


The following details are required:


Verify that your domain is being served correctly. There are at least the following cases to consider:

Check for combinations and look for the correct results.

Submission File Format

The submission file is a UNIX text file, and must have this format, exactly!

The file must be named dns_info.txt.

master: ip_address_of_your_master
slave:  ip_address_of_your_slave
domain: name.of.your.domain
ns1:    name.of.your.ns1
ns2:    name.of.your.ns2

For example, my file might look like this:


Submission and Passoff

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