Joe Francom, PhD

Professor: Dr Joe Francom

Joe’s Spring 2021 Schedule

Days Time
MWF 8:00am - 8:50 - IT4510(107)
MWF 9am - 9:50 - IT4100(107)
MWF 10am-10:50 - Office in person and via zoom
MWF 11am-11:50 - IT4600(107)
MW 12pm-1:15 - IT3110 (108)
MW 1:30pm-2:30 - Office in person and via zoom

About Joe

Joe has a B.S. in Business, a M.S. in Information Systems, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science. He is a tenured professor at Dixie. Joe enjoys experimenting with and implementing cutting-edge technology in his classroom. He has particular interest in DevOps, Cloud computing, and Security.

In his free time he likes to hike, mountain bike, read, and sundry and miscellaneous other things with his family.

Joe was raised in Utah. He has 4 children.

Courses Joe Teaches or has taught

Computer Science

Information Technology

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