Maya 2012 Render Error

(September 12, 2012)

In Maya 2012 you may get an error while trying to render.

// Error: setParent: Object 'renderView' not found.

This appears to be a well-known problem that can occur with Maya. Here are the steps to a workaround that can keep you rendering:

Open the Script Editor

Use the menu: Window / General Editors / Script Editor

Paste content

Paste the following code into the empty MEL script tab.

for ($item in `getPanel -scriptType "renderWindowPanel"`) {
    if ( $item == "renderView" ) {
        print "renderView exists.\n";
if ( $exists == 0 ) {
    for ($item in `getPanel -scriptType "renderWindowPanel"`) {
        //print ( $item + "\n");
        if ( $item == "renderWindowPanel1" ) {
            deleteUI renderWindowPanel1;
            $renderPanel = `scriptedPanel -type "renderWindowPanel" -unParent renderView`;
            scriptedPanel -e -label `interToUI $renderPanel` $renderPanel;

Save to Shelf

Save to the Shelf by File / Save Script to Shelf …

Give the script a name that you will remember, such as FixRender.

Now, when you have the error occur, close the Render View window, and click on the FixRender button in the Shelf. Then render should work.

Happy rendering!

Last Updated 03/12/2013