Where is everthing on the screen?

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How to change your background image.

Across the top of your screen you see the menu bar. [1] The first menu is the apple symbol; this is where you will go to log out. [2] The second menu is the name of what ever application you are currently using; use this menu to quit an application. [3] The rest of the items in the list are menus for that specific application.

[4] At the bottom of your screen you see the Dock. The dock is place for you to keep your commonly used applications. [5] On the far left of the dock you will see the Finder application. Continue reading to learn more about Finder.

What is Finder?

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Finder is your way to get to all of your files and applications. In the left panel you see a list of Places you may want to get to quickly. Take note that your home folder is here. If you want to create a new "Place" simply navigate to that folder and then drag it to the side bar.

Click on Applications in the left panel. This is a list of all the applications on this computer to add one to the dock simply drag and drop it there.

What are these question marks in my dock?

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A question mark in your dock means you have a shortcut to an application that no longer exists on your computer. To get rid of this question mark, simply click & drag it off the dock.

Where is the eject button for the CD drive?

In the top, right corner of your keyboard you will see a button with this symbol:
Hold this button down for a second to eject the drive

How do I enable right-clicking?

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Open System Preferences.
Go to Keyboard & Mouse.
Click on Mouse at the top of the box.
Change "Primary Button" on the right to "Secondary Button"

What is this strange thing the mouse does when I squeeze it?

Still in "System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse > Mouse" you will notice that the sides of your mouse are also a button. The default functionality is expose. To turn this off, simply change it to "Off."

How do I burn a CD?

There are 2 ways to burn a cd on a mac:

  1. Drag the items to a blank CD.
    • When you insert a blank CD, it will show up in Finder.
    • Simply drag all the items you want on your CD into the empty disc and press "Burn"
  2. Create a burn folder. (This option is good if you're burning multiple discs with the same files)
    • Right click on your Desktop or in Finder and create a "New Burn Folder"
    • Drag all the items you want on your CD into the Burn Folder
    • Click the Burn button. (top right corner of the window)

In both of these methods, the icons will look like shortcuts. That's because they are. When you press Burn, it follows those shortcuts to burn the files.

How to find out the size of a file?

Right-click on the file and select Get Info.

In the top right corner of the dialog you will see the size.