Disk Usage

To check disk usage on the system, login to Run this command.

bash$ du -s * .??* --human-readable | sort --human-numeric-sort

The output will list the number of 1024 byte blocks that are being consumed by each file or directory. By using this command and cd to change directories, the files or directories that are consuming the most space can be quickly identified and removed.

To find the total amount of disk used in the home directory, do this:

bash$ cd 
bash$ du -s . --human-readable

The output will summarize the usage of the home directory. Other disk space usage is kept in the windows roaming profile. This information is stored in /data/profiles/yourusername on It is important not to clean that directory while logged into a windows computer in the CIT network!

OS X users need to empty their trash to completely remove the disk usage.

Last Updated 09/14/2017