CS 3520: Programming Languages

Fall 2022 Topic
Aug 22–26 Standard ML, basic types
Aug 29–Sep 2 lists and patterns
Sep 5–9 (Labor Day) list functionals
Sep 12–16 datatypes and trees
Sep 19–23 red-black trees
Sep 26–30 parser combinators
Oct 3–7 lisp interpreter
Oct 10–14 (Fall break)
Oct 17–21 scheme interpreter
Oct 24–28 Rust, philosophy
Oct 31–Nov 4 basics
Nov 7–11 linked lists
Nov 14–18 async, await
Nov 21–25 (Thanksgiving)
Nov 28–Dec 2
Dec 5–9

Changes to the schedule will be announced in class.




See the Canvas listings for assignments and due dates. All homework is submitted using CodeGrinder unless otherwise noted.

Final project languages

In place of a final exam, each student will learn one additional language, write some code in that language, and present it to the rest of the class. Here are a few potential choices:

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