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CS 3500 - Application Development

Schedule for Fall 2021

IMPORTANT: For due dates on the assignments and tests, see canvas.


What is CS 3500 all about?
Some demos

The Tools

Installing Microsoft Visual Studio
Your First VS Program
Important DOs and DONTs
Using Visual Studio Debugger
Using Visual Studio Profiler
Deploying your Program
Integrating GIT


What is Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)?
MFC Notepod - Invasion of the editor snatchers
MFC Towers of Hanoi
MFC Widgets and shortcomings
1. MFC FreeCell Application
FreeCell Enhancements: Menus, custom cards, resizeable, undo, restart, pick specific game, no flashing, etc.

C# .NET Application

What is managed C++, .Net, and C# ?
Should I use Windows Forms or Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)?
2. CSharp Video Player Application
WPF Panels
C# Classes

Practical Test


C# .NET Web Page

What is ASP?
3. CSharp Web Page

Visual Basic Application

Visual Basic history and language gotcha's
4. Visual Basic Tax Calculator Application

C++ QT

Why QT?
5. QT Assignment

Practical Test