CS 3400: Operating Systems

Fall 2022 Topics Project Reading
Aug 22–26 introduction, os interfaces building and running xv6 xv6 ch 1, 3ep ch 1–2
Aug 29–Sep 2 processes and address spaces hello world OS xv6 ch 2, 3ep ch 3–5
Sep 5–9 (Labor Day) multicore, spinlocks
Sep 12–16 stacks, context core-locked coroutines xv6 ch 3, 3ep ch 12–15
Sep 19–23 synchronization locks 3ep ch 16–24
Sep 26–30 interrupts, context switching kernel threads, scheduling xv6 ch 4
Oct 3–7
Oct 10–14 (Fall break) virtual memory userspace, paging xv6 ch 5
Oct 17–21 fork and exec, page tables modes, system calls xv6 ch 6, 3ep ch 25–30
Oct 24–28 3ep ch 31–34
Oct 31–Nov 4 userspace threads tour rest of xv6 xv6 ch 7, 3ep ch 6–7
Nov 7–11 userspace memory management 3ep ch 8–11
Nov 14–18 file systems xv6 ch 8, 3ep ch 35–38
Nov 21–25 (Thanksgiving) malloc and free 3ep ch 39–46
Nov 28–Dec 2 distributed file systems xv6 ch 9, 3ep ch 47–51
Dec 5–9

Changes to the schedule will be announced in class.

“xv6” refers to the xv6 commentary book, our guide to the xv6 operating system source code.

“3ep” refers to Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces, our (free) primary text.



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