CS 2810: Computer Organization and Architecture

Fall 2022 Topics Projects
Aug 22–26 binary, shell, ssh, vim, C: compiling, memory map binary numbers
Aug 29–Sep 2 C: statements, expressions, operators, types, type conversions C exercises
Sep 5–9 (Labor Day) C: arrays and pointers
Sep 12–16 C: structs, unions
Sep 19–23 C: Markov babbler example, memory management
Sep 26–30 gates, mux, adder, ALU
Oct 3–7 Von Neumann architecture, ISAs, RISC-V datapath RISC-V simulator
Oct 10–14 (Fall break) pipelining, superscalar
Oct 17–21 caching, virtual memory, system calls
Oct 24–28 floats
Oct 31–Nov 4 assembly language basics float conversions
Nov 7–11 assembly control flow, leaf functions assembly exercises
Nov 14–18 using the stack, non-leaf functions Sudoku solver
Nov 21–25 (Thanksgiving)
Nov 28–Dec 2 bit vectors
Dec 5–9 mutual recursion

Changes to the schedule will be announced in class.


git and ssh

Learning vim

Number conversions

Midterm exam practice

Final exam practice

Last Updated 08/22/2022