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CS 1410: Illustrate

In computer science, classes and object-oriented programming are very commonly used when creating programs that involve computer graphics and graphical user interfaces. To display something visually on the screen, like a button, a class is used to represent a Button, and multiple instances of the Button class can be created to display multiple buttons on the screen at one time. This is the foundation on which all modern applications are created, whether it’s on your computer, phone, or television.


Your assignment is to create a program using Python and Pygame that displays a simple illustration that is drawn using basic shapes. Your program will use a series of classes to organize your code that draws the shapes, where the instances of your classes will contain data members which are instances of other classes. For example, you might create a Cloud class that is responsbile for drawing a single cloud, a Bird class that draws a single bird, and a Sky class that draws a blue sky behind three clouds and six birds. In this case, the Sky class would have data members for the clouds and the birds, which all get drawn in turn to display the sky and everything in it.

At a minimum, your program should include:

Your illustration should be different than the class example and should demonstrate your own personal creativity.

Start by downloading the provided Pygame starter kit by clicking here.

Extra Challenges



An example running program:

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