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CS 1410: Frogger

The arcade game Frogger is a classic game from the 1980s. In this game, the player controls a frog, which can hop around the screen. The frog is attempting to return to his home at the top of the screen. The frog must cross lanes of moving vehicles and water in order to safely reach its home. If it is run over by a car, or sinks in the water, it dies.


In this assignment, you will build a version of the Frogger game with the most basic features, using the library of classes in froggerlib. You will create a class to represent the game, create instances of frogs, cars, logs, etc.

Your program must have at least the following features:

Code Requirements

Your software implementation must meet these programming requirements:





Extra Challenges


Implement your code in small steps. Make sure each step is working before moving to the next step. For example, this might be a series of steps you could do to get started:

froggerlib Notes


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