Lab 9

Part I

Begin by logging into your CLI Virtual Machine. (You should be able to ssh to it now, right?).

Open a second ssh terminal to and run the command launch_lab9 <ip address>. You should replace the <ip address> with the ip of your virtual machine. If you have successfully copied your keys over from a previous assignment, this command will prep your machine to do this lab. If you re-run this command, it will restart any processes that you kill later on.

Perform the following tasks on your virtual machine:

Part II

Create the following cron jobs on your CLI Virtual Machine in your users crontab file (DO NOT use sudo)

To pass off

Run the grade_lab9 command from scratch. Pass in the ip address of your machine. Something like: grade_lab9 144.38.xx.yy. Take a screenshot of the results and upload to scratch.

Last Updated 03/06/2020