Lab 8

In this lab you will administer user accounts by creating new users.

Part I

On your headless virtual machine, create the following user accounts:

Set the passwords to be whatever you would like. Make sure that the user joe still exists from a previous assignment.

Part II

On the same machine, create the following groups with the following members:

Add your joe user to the sudo group.

Part III

Remove the user otis and its associated home directory from the system.

Part IV

In your root (‘/’) directory, make a new directory, vegetables with the following files inside and the following owners and permissions.

vegetables rwxrwxrwx u=gomer g=ladies 
|__ carrots.txt rw-rw-rw- u=barney g=barney
|__ beets.txt rw-rw---- u=andy g=taylors
|__ snow_peas.txt rw-r--r-- u=aunt_bea g=cops

Use the su command to login as aunt_bea without logging your user off.

While logged in as aunt_bea

To pass off

Run the grade_lab8 command from scratch. You must pass in the ip address of your vm when you run it like:


Verify that all the tests pass successfully. Screenshot your results and upload to canvas.

Last Updated 02/25/2020