Lab 7

Part I

In this assignment you will install a CLI version of Linux, often known as a headless version (no GUI).

Create a new VM using 1024MB RAM, 1 CPU, 8GB Hard Drive, the bionic_server image. Click the link, select cit_vm_install_server.mp4 and follow along to create a new virtual machine (Note the network instructions will be different than what the video shows for the CIDR. For IT1100 it will be /29.


Follow the quick_guide instructions found here.

After the install is complete:

SSH into the machine by opening a terminal (or Putty) using ssh @. For example, ssh smorgan@

  1. If you get a connection refused error then your OpenSSH did not install during the initial setup of your Linux server.

    • To Fix this
      • login into the machine using your VNC Viewer and run
      • sudo apt update
      • sudo apt install openssh-server.
  2. If you get a connection timeout then you probably have an ip typo or network configuration error

    • To fix this

      • login into the machine using your VNC Viewer and
      • Check your Internet connection by typing ifconfig.
      • View the network configuration by cat /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml. The dhcp4 argument should be false. If it is true then it means that you failed to enter the network information during install.
      • You can edit the file using sudo and vim. Download this worksheet CLI-Network-Fix

      • If you make changes to the file you need to restart your machine

      • Complete a proper command-line shutdown sudo shutdown now

      • Log into and push the green button to restart your machine.

Part II

After you have successfully ssh’d into your VM:

Install Package

Create User

Just for fun - some more fun commands

To pass off

Take a screenshot of the command you typed and your fortune.

Take a screen shot of your command-line install while logged in as joe showing the results of the ls -la command.

Submit your screenshots in Canvas.

Last Updated 02/22/2019