Ronald Woodland, Associate Professor, Visual Technologies
PHONE: 435.652.7970

Dixie State College — courses Ron Woodland has taught

Visual Technologies
DES 1300 — Communication Design — studying, practicing, and understanding the concepts of design
DES 2600 — Creative Imaging — Image processing using Photoshop
DES 3100 — Intro. to Multimedia — Designing interactive presentations using Flash
DES 3300 — Intro. to Digital Video — Video Editing using Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro
DES 3600 — 3D Visualization — Modeling, textures, lighting, and photorealistic rendering in a 3D environment
DES 3650 — 3D Animation — Modeling, rigging, animation, and rendering for CG, compositing, and other special effects
DES 4100 — Advanced Multimedia — Advanced techniques for integrating Web, rich-content multimedia, and stand-alone applications
DES 4650 — Publication Design — Explores creative, functional, and aesthetic aspects of design issues as applied to multi-page layouts

Computer Science
CS/WEB 3100 — Intro. to Multimedia — Designing interactive presentations using Adobe Flash, with emphasis in using the Actionscript 3 language

Ron is a great all-around guy with a vast knowledge about design and the tools for creating graphics on computers. He has a strong background in the print industry, but now finds the newer Internet and multimedia technologies also very interesting. He enjoys teaching about how to use the creative and powerful tools computers can now provide. He has achieved the enviable status of being a computer technoid who can also hold his own in graphic design. He is especially excited to share his passion for multimedia authoring. But beware, he has a remarkable ability to make your eyes glaze over when he talks about it.

Ron enjoys knowing that his work has been viewed and read throughout the world. He has received professional praise for his lucid software manuals, leading-edge technical editing abilities, horizon-expanding teaching style, and singularly characteristic graphic design approach.

He has high expectations of his students; knowing that if they rise to the challenge presented in his classes, they will have a positive and very enjoyable experience...and also come out of these classes with strong, marketable job skills.

Ron brings a diversity of disciplines to computer-based graphic design; an artist wanna-be who is always rooted firmly in a solid understanding of the technology that makes it all possible. He believes computers have the potential to make our lives better, but only by enhancing traditionally acquired or native skills borne of good taste and style ...whatever that means.


July 1995 to Present: Dixie State University, St. George, Utah
FACULTY MEMBER, CIT DEPARTMENT, VISUAL TECHNOLOGIES PROGRAM — Currently teaching multiple courses in the Visual Technologies program, including upper division for the 4-year CIT baccalaureate degree now offered at DSU. These range from introductory computer illustration classes to advanced multimedia authoring. Also administers the Visual Technologies program, as explained at this web site.

October 1991 to June 1995: Dixie College, St. George, Utah
ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR — Taught two computer graphics design classes in 3D Visualization and Multimedia (then in the Art department). Also taught evening computer software classes as needed under the Short-Term Intensive Training (STIT) program through the Continuing Education Center. Brought extensive real-world knowledge to the classroom of a wide range of computer software and many expert techniques. Developed and refined presentation skills over several years of college- and commercial-level teaching opportunities.

March 1989 to March 1995: Strata Incorporated, St. George, Utah
MANAGER OF TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICES — Responsible for entire customer support services provided to Strata Incorporated customers. These services range from writing documentation, to demonstrations at Users Group meetings, to conducting user workshops and seminars, to demonstrating in trade show booths, to the ever-important telephone technical support.

SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER — As a member of the development team, responsible to provide a complete and accurate Users Manuals for all of Strata's products, an important component of the commercial software. Also responsible for monitoring the printing of finished Users Manual. In addition, was co-editor of the quarterly newsletter sent to registered users. Designed the original newsletter format and wrote technical articles for each issue.

SENIOR EDUCATION COORDINATOR — Responsible for scheduling, developing content, and conducting software seminars and workshops sponsored by Strata Inc. These opportunities have ranged from simple two-hour introductory demonstrations to highly intensive four-day training seminars. The longer seminars cost up to $1,000 per person, which created a high expectation of value. Yet, evaluations from attendees have universally praised the curriculum and quality of presentation.

June 1988 to March 1989: West Press Incorporated, St. George, Utah
PRODUCTION MANAGER — Responsible for the orderly flow of jobs through the printing plant. Streamlined the pre-press process to reduce the number of days a job was in-plant and ensure delivery of jobs by promised deadlines. Experienced in typography, page layout, digital scanning, process camera operation, negative stripping, plate making and all the printing processes required to obtain a superior final product. Experienced in newspaper ROP, PMS spot color, and four-color process printing.

September 1985 to June 1988: Ink Well Communications., St. George, Utah
ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE — Worked with agency clients and managed specific projects. Directed resources and talents of agency to fill clients' needs. Responsible for developing marketing plans, promotional strategies, creative concepts, and ultimately overseeing their tactical execution. That responsibility also included designing high quality, cost-efficient, and timely advertising/marketing materials, then purchasing printing or advertising services from vendors to deliver the desired results.

COPYWRITER — Assigned as required for specific projects to research and write press releases, advertising copy, and other promotional products. Also involved in writing articles and short stories for use in  St. George Magazine , a full-color city magazine then published through Ink Well.

September 1982 to September 1988: Transcript-Bulletin Pub. Co., Tooele, Utah
ADVERTISING MANAGER — Responsible for the sales, production and scheduling of all advertising for the Tooele Transcript-Bulletin, a twice-weekly community newspaper. Also supervised a production staff of four in developing promotions for customers, i.e. special sections, tabloid inserts, and flyers. Experience in graphic design, layout, typography, multiple color mechanics (both PMS and process), and estimating/cost accounting procedures.

REPORTER — Contributed human interest, "soft news," and other appropriate articles to enhance the editorial content of newspaper, under direction of the editor. Experienced in the "advertorial" and press release journalistic style.

June 1980 to September 1982: Ross Jurney & Assoc. Advertising, S.L.C., Utah
ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE — Field representative for the McDonalds® Utah Area Marketing Group account. Responsible for planning and implementing traffic-building "Local Store Marketing" and community relations programs. Worked closely with local owners/managers OF McDonalds restaurants; advising them in their individual store's operation.

PRINT PRODUCTION MANAGER — Coordinated all print production required by the agency for its clients. Contracted with suppliers for typesetting, original artwork, photography, and printing. Many projects required competitive bids and analysis for best price/performance choices. Also responsible for delivering media materials on-time and to specifications for scheduled advertisements in newspapers, magazines and electronic media throughout the United States.


Utah State University, Logan, Utah — 1999 to 2001
Master of Education (M.Ed) degree: Instructional Technology

University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah — 1980 to 1981
Bachelor of Science (BS) degree: Mass Communications
Majors: Public Relations and Advertising

Weber State College, Ogden, Utah — 1968 to 1972
Major: Computer Science