Adding Ophelia to your ssh keys

We added a new machine to the VM farm. It’s name is ophelia. This is a replacement for the old machine ophelia that we retired. Unfortunately, we did not keep the SSH keys for the old machine and transfer them to the new one. This means that you will not be able to auto-login to ophelia.

Web users will experience an annoying lack of ability to boot systems, with no error feedback. Command line users may experience “SOMEBODY IS DOING SOMETHING NASTY” messages, with the same result of not being able to boot systems.

To fix it, you will need to log into desdemona via SSH, then complete the following steps using the command line.

ssh-keygen -R ophelia
ssh-keygen -R ophelia​
ssh-keygen -R
ssh ophelia (need to type "yes" at the prompt) then log out of ophelia
ssh (need to type "yes" at the prompt) then log out of ophelia

Now you should test booting a VM from desdemona.

    citv bootvm <VM_name> c

Last Updated 11/04/2015