CIT User Account Web Space

How do I publish web content?

Use your CIT account. If you do not have an account, visit with a lab assistant or an instructor.

In your account’s home directory, create a directory called public_html. Any files in or below this directory can be accessed by the web server.

What is the URL for accessing my web content?

The URL depends on your CIT account user name. The format is http://[USERNAME][FILE IN public_html FOLDER] For example, if my user name were bbonzai, and I had a file named index.html in my public_html directory, the URL for that file would be

The web server keeps returning “permission denied” or “forbidden” messages. What do I do?

  1. First, check that the URL is correct. Check the case of the files as well.
  2. Second, check the directory permissions. The user home directory must have execute permissions for the world. The same is true of the public_html directory and all directories underneath it.

Log into (ssh into) and run this command:


What types of files may be served from this web space?

Just about any standard web files, including PHP, SWF, etc.

Last Updated 09/23/2015