MySQL Accounts

How do I get a MySQL account?

If you have a CIT account then you can get a MySQL account. Log into via ssh. Run the command


This will ask for your CIT account password to verify you are you. Then it will ask for the password that you want for your mysql account.
You should use a different password than your login password.

Your MySQL account and database name are the same as your login account name.

What is provided with a MySQL account?

Your account will enable you to own a database that only you are allowed to access. You will not be allowed to access anyone else’s data. Attempts to do so will result in the termination of all CIT computer privileges.

I don’t like the user name or database name created for me. Can I change it?


How do I access my database?

The database server is running on You should use this as the host name for all access. Do not assume that the IP address of this DNS alias to remain constant throughout your stay with the CIT program.

What programs exist to access the MySQL database?

On the linux computers (ssh and php) the mysql client program has been installed. It is a command line application called mysql.

To connect issue this command

bash$ mysql -h -p

and answer the password prompt.

A more detailed explanation can be found at:

What about web access to the database?

PHP is enabled on the web server and the mysql extension is installed.

How do I learn to be a database wizard?

Take the IT 4300 course.

Where can I get more information about MySQL?

Check out the MySQL Home Page

Last Updated 08/15/2016