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CS/VT 4990: Advanced Web Application Development with Django

Fall 2015 Schedule

Day Topic Assignment Due
Aug 26 Class Overview, Intro to Django and MVC Frameworks, Polls App
Sep 2 Applying the Django Tutorial: Build A Portfolio Site Polls App
Sep 9 Your First Blog writtin in Django Portfolio Site
Sep 16 More generic views, date / time functions
Sep 23 Inventory Catalog, Form Input, and Ajax Blog
Sep 30 Multi-user Authentication and Kaizen
Oct 7 Incorporating other people’s Django apps Inventory Catalog
Oct 14 Twitter Clone Kaizen
Oct 21 Build A Better CIT Job Board Site
Oct 28 Time Clock Twitter Clone
Nov 4 More Time Clock and Sessions
Nov 11 User File Uploads, APIs and the Pinterest Clone Time Clock
Nov 18 Enterprise Deployment of Django Projects, Business CRM Pinterest Clone
Nov 25 No Class (Happy Thanksgiving )
Dec 2 Rate A Restaurant and Mapping APIs Business CRM
Dec 9 Review for Final Exam (Djeopardy!) Rate a Restaurant
Dec 16 Final Exam (5:15pm) Final Exam

Class announcements may modify schedule from that listed above.

Last Updated 10/27/2015