Detailed Learning Objectives

You are required to come up with at least 3 learning objectives that you are planning on completing for the duration of the course. This should be emailed to your instructor as a pdf document by the end of the second week of the semester. You should meet with your instructor to discuss these prior to submitting your document. Make sure that your document follows appropriate spelling and grammar conventions. Bullets and subheadings can also be nice.

Research and Progress Reports

Your initial report describes your project objectives, outlining why the project is needed and what the final outcome is envisioned to be. See Canvas for more details.

You are then required to submit a progress report at the end of:

- Week 2 (this is the initial report that includes the three learning objectives)
- Week 4
- Week 8 
- Week 12

Your progress reports should consist of the following:

- How many cumulative hours you have spent on your learning objectives.
- What research you have done.
    * What did you need to learn that you didn't already know.
    * Appendix with links to research materials in appropriate APA style.
- What you have implemented.
    * You should discuss what you have done with your learned research in obtaining your learning objectives.
  Specific outline of your reports are specified in the Report Outline found on Canvas

Final Report

This report is due the day before finals begin.

Your final report should consist of a document that has the following:

- Your initial learning objectives.
- Were you able to complete these objectives.
- What you did, how you did it, what you learned.
- Was this valuable to you? Why? How will it help you in your future career?
- What did you learn from the IT environment you worked in?  What IT policies, procedures, work flows, etc did you like/dislike and why?  Were those policies or procedures helpful to the organization or unnecessarily encumbering on the work?
- As an appendix, provide the following:
    + Detailed log of hours worked on each objective
    + Research links, how-to's, and other documentation (If we wanted to re-create what you have done, how would we do it?)

Remember that your final report as well as all your written communication should be professional. You should follow an approved APA or MLA styleguide. You should always run the spell/grammar check. In summary, it should look like a formal report.

Project Presentation

This will be an oral presentation on your project as scheduled by your instructor. This is typically a weekday just before Finals begins. The presentation will have you describe your project, your progress, and answer questions from both faculty and other students. This presentation should be limited to 15 minutes.

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