CS 3520: Programming Languages

Fall 2017 Language Assignment (due at end of week)
Aug 22–26 Standard ML
Aug 29–Sep 2 Asst 1: Standard ML
Sep 6–9 (Labor Day)
Sep 12–16 Asst 2: Standard ML
Sep 19–23 Asst 3: Standard ML
Sep 26–30 Prolog
Oct 3–7 Asst 4: Prolog
Oct 10–12 (Fall Break) Asst 5: Prolog
Oct 17–21 Lua
Oct 24–28 Asst 6: Lua
Oct 31–Nov 4 Forth
Nov 7–11
Nov 14–18 Asst 7: Forth
Nov 21–22 (Thanksgiving) Go
Nov 28–Dec 2 Asst 8: Go
Dec 5–9 Asst 9: Go

Changes to the schedule will be announced in class.



Assignments are due at the end of the week they are assigned. The official deadline is 7:00 am on Monday morning of the following week.

Submit all work via Canvas unless otherwise instructed.

Final project languages

In place of a final exam, each student will learn one additional language, write some code in that language, and present it to the rest of the class. Here are a few potential choices:

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