QT (pronounced "cute") ASSIGNMENT:

Use this link to download qt-opensource for your platform.
Note that it might take over an hour!

Then install it. Select ALL Components!
You might not need all options, but when I tried it with various less options it didn't work.
Note that installing might take over an hour!

Try to get an Example to work.
Do not choose an example that says Android or IOS or you will get into trouble!
I had to use the window "Configure Project", and Only check the box MinGW 64-bit, then click on the button "Configure Project". Then wait until the red marks went away. Then I could click on the green arrow to build and run, and then everything worked.

Finally, watch this tutorial and complete the simple project it explains on making a project with a button and a label.
(Note that you can also find the tutoral from the QT environment by clicking on Tutorials, then typing Hello Widget into the search filter.
On the first screen, for Build system, I chose 'qmake'
For kit selection, I switched to MSVC2017 64bit only.
After clicking Finish, it gave me a warning that the file is not part of any project. I clicked on 'Projects' at the far left, unchecked Desktop, checked Desktop MinGW 64-bit, and clicked Configure Project button. After waiting for the red marks to go away, the rest of the tutorial worked as it should.