Visual Basic Tax Calculator

Create a program using Visual Basic that helps a small business owner write weekly paychecks to her employees. The program should consist of two forms, Payroll and Setup, and the program should start in the Payroll screen.

The Payroll screen should have a button to enter the Setup screen. The Setup screen should allow new employees to be added, including their name, hourly salary, FICA % reduction, Federal % reduction, and State % reduction. For new employees, the supervisor might want to set their three reductions to .0765, .15, and .0375 respectively. The Setup screen should also allow the 5 fields of any employee to be changed, or allow the employee to be deleted. (Try to enable and disable the action buttons at appropriate times.) The employee information should be saved to a file. When exiting the Setup screen, return to the Payroll screen.

The Payroll screen should list the names of the employees. When a particular employee name is clicked on, it should list their other information. Then it should allow the supervisor to enter their hours worked for the current pay period, and click a "Compute Deductions" button. It should then compute their Gross Pay, all three deductions, and their net pay.

This makes it very easy for the supervisor to write the weekly paychecks.