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CS 3005: Programming in C++

Fall 2018 Schedule

Day Topic Work Due
W01 Functions, Code Blocks, Variables, Arithmetic, User I/O
W01 Comparisons, Conditionals, Counted Loops, Sentinel Loops
W01 Development Tools: Edit/Compile/Run
W01 Drills in Code Grinder
W02 Classes, Objects, Random Numbers
W02 Inheritance, Templates, Introduction to the Standard Template Library
W02 Development Tools: Make
W02 Version Control: Add/Commit
W02 Drills in Code Grinder
H Sep 3 Labor Day (no classes)
W03 Memory Model: Stack, Heap and Static Memory
W03 Arrays, Pointers, Indexes
W03 Scope
W03 Development Tools: Debug/Memory Check
W03 (Sep7) Assignment 1
W04 Operator Overloading
W04 Dynamic Memory in Classes
W04 Development Cycle: Unit Tests
W04 (Sep14) Assignment 2
W05 File I/O
W05 Types and Representations (Bitwise Operators)
W05 Development Cycle: BDD
W05 (Sep21) Assignment 3
W06 Creating Data Structures (Linked Lists)
W06 Better Random Numbers
W06 Arguments, Parameters, Return Values (Functions)
W06 Version Control: Push/Pull
W06 (Sep28) Assignment 4
W07 Namespaces
W07 const
W07 Version Control: Branches
W07 (Oct5) Assignment 5
M Oct 8 Midterm Examination Midterm Examination
W08 Julia Set Introduction
H Oct 11-12 Fall Break (no classes)
W09 Preprocessor, Conditionals, MACROS
W09 Inheritance, Polymorphism
W09 Templates: Generic Functions and Classes
W09 (Oct19) Assignment 6
W10 What’s in a DNA Strand?
W10 C-Strings (null-terminated arrays of chars)
W10 Development Cycle: Input Partitioning
W10 Review of Dynamic Memory, Pointers, Classes
W10 (Oct26) Assignment 7
W11 OpenGL Introduction
W11 OpenGL Example
W11 Polymorphism (again), Beasts
W11 (Nov2) Assignment 8
W12 Casting
W12 Beast Behavior
W12 (Nov9) Assignment 9
W13 Exceptions (try/catch)
W13 Standard template library (vector/stack/queue)
W13 The TSP
W13 (Nov16) Assignment 10
W14 Pointers and References (Asterisk vs Ampersand)
W14 Standard template library (list/map/iterator)
W14 TSP Good Cycles
H Nov 21-23 Thanksgiving Break (no classes)
W15 Standard template library (algorithm)
W15 Command Line Arguments
W15 Recursion
W15 (Nov30) Assignment 11
W16 Review
W16 Final Exam Hints
W16 (Dec7) Assignment 12
Dec 10-14 Final Exams
? Dec ?? Final Exam ??:?? ?m - ??:?? ?m Final Exam

Class announcements may modify schedule from that listed above.

Last Updated 05/14/2018