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CS 3005: Programming in C++

Fall 2017 Schedule

Day Topic Work Due
W01 Functions, Code Blocks, Variables, Arithmetic, User I/O
W01 Comparisons, Conditionals, Counted Loops, Sentinel Loops
W01 Development Tools: Edit/Compile/Run
W01 Drills in Canvas
W02 Classes, Objects, Random Numbers
W02 Inheritance, Templates, Introduction to the Standard Template Library
W02 Development Tools: Make
W02 Version Control: Add/Commit
W02 Drills in Canvas
H Sep 4 Labor Day (no classes)
W03 Memory Model: Stack, Heap and Static Memory
W03 Arrays, Pointers, Indexes
W03 Scope
W03 Development Tools: Debug/Memory Check
W03 Assignment 1
W04 Operator Overloading
W04 Dynamic Memory in Classes
W04 Development Cycle: Unit Tests
W04 Assignment 2
W05 File I/O
W05 Types and Representations (Bitwise Operators)
W05 Development Cycle: BDD
W05 Assignment 3
W06 Creating Data Structures (Linked Lists)
W06 Better Random Numbers
W06 Arguments, Parameters, Return Values (Functions)
W06 Version Control: Push/Pull
W06 Assignment 4
W07 Namespaces
W07 const
W07 Version Control: Branches
W07 Assignment 5
W08 Julia Set Introduction
W Oct 11 Midterm Examination Midterm Examination
H Oct 12-13 Fall Break (no classes)
W09 Preprocessor, Conditionals, MACROS
W09 Inheritance, Polymorphism
W09 Templates: Generic Functions and Classes
W09 Assignment 6
W10 What’s in a DNA Strand?
W10 C-Strings (null-terminated arrays of chars)
W10 Development Cycle: Input Partitioning
W10 Review of Dynamic Memory, Pointers, Classes
W10 Assignment 7
W11 OpenGL Introduction
W11 OpenGL Example
W11 Polymorphism (again), Beasts
W11 Assignment 8
W12 Casting
W12 Beast Behavior
W12 Assignment 9
W13 Exceptions (try/catch)
W13 Standard template library (vector/stack/queue)
W13 The TSP
W13 Assignment 10
W14 Pointers and References (Asterisk vs Ampersand)
W14 Standard template library (list/map/iterator)
W14 TSP Good Cycles
W14 Assignemnt 11
H Nov 22-24 Thanksgiving Break (no classes)
W15 Standard template library (algorithm)
W15 Assignment 12
W16 Command Line Arguments
W16 Recursion
W16 Final Exam Hints
W16 Final Exam Preparations
W Dec 13 Final Exam 9:00 am - 11:00 am Final Exam

Class announcements may modify schedule from that listed above.

Last Updated 08/09/2017