CS 2810: Computer Organization and Architecture

Fall 2017 Topics Assigments
Aug 21–25 binary numbers, UNIX, vim Command-line tutorial
Aug 28–Sep 1 2s comp, octal, hex, floats Binary quiz
Sep 5–8 (Labor Day) binary math, ssh, git Floats quiz
Sep 11–15
Sep 18–22 processes, system calls
Sep 24–29 job control Shell part 1
Oct 2–6 Shell part 2
Oct 9–11 (Fall Break) Midterm exam
Oct 16–20 assembly language (6502)
Oct 23–27 assembly language (ARM) Mandelbrot 1, 2
Oct 30–Nov 3 steps 3, 4, 5
Nov 6–10 steps 6, 7
Nov 13–17 caching step 8
Nov 20–21 (Thanksgiving) virtual memory steps 9, 10
Nov 27–Dec 1 malloc, free, gc step 11, 12
Dec 4–7 Atari 2600 step 13

Changes to the schedule will be announced in class.


git and ssh


These screencasts are to help you get started with CodeGrinder and with writing ARM assembly language.

These screencasts are to help you review floats and 2’s complement:

Raspberry Pi

Assembly language resources


Most of the projects for this class are managed through Canvas and CodeGrinder. The shell assignment is not:

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