CS 2810: Computer Organization and Architecture

Spring 2017 Topics Reading (due Wednesday)
Jan 9–13 binary numbers, UNIX The UNIX Time-Sharing System
Jan 17–20 (MLK Day) processes, job control 1: Basic Computing Concepts
Jan 23–27 2s complement, masks 2: The Mechanics of Program Execution
Jan 30–Feb 3 registers, ARM assembly 3: Pipelined Execution
Feb 6–10 4: Superscalar Execution
Feb 13–17 5: The Intel Pentium and Pentium Pro
Feb 21–24 (President’s Day) 7: Pentium 4 vs G4e: Approaches and Design Philosophy
Feb 27–Mar 3 Midterm exam 8: Pentium 4 vs G4e: The Back End
Mar 6–10 The ARM Cortex A73—Artemis Unveiled
Mar 13–17 (Spring Break)
Mar 20–24 virtual memory 9: 64-Bit Computing and x86-64
Mar 27–31 floats 11: Understanding Caching and Performance
Apr 3–7 caching 12: Intel’s Pentium M, Core Duo, and Core 2 Duo
Apr 10–14
Apr 17–21 malloc, free, gc
Apr 24–26 Atari 2600 Modern Microprocessors

Reading assignments are due on Wednesday of the week listed before class begins. No late work is accepted for reading outlines.

Changes to the schedule will be announced in class.


git and ssh


These screencasts are to help you get started with CodeGrinder and with writing ARM assembly language.

These screencasts are to help you review floats and 2’s complement:

Raspberry Pi

Assembly language resources


Most of the projects for this class are managed through Canvas and CodeGrinder. The final assembly-language project is not in CodeGrinder:


Architecture readings and summaries

The assigned reading are crucial to success in this course. The numbered readings refer to chapters in the book Inside the Machine by Jon Stokes (available as an ebook).

The remaining readings are listed here:

For each reading, you must write a brief outline summary and submit it using Canvas. For the chapters from Inside the Machine, you should write about a paragraph for each section heading or diagram, and you should structure it as an outline that follows the chapter structure.

Things to avoid:

If you are unsure about any of these guidelines, talk to me, or take your summary to the writing center to get help from a writing tutor.

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