Project: Code Camp Kit


On November 15-16, 2013 more than 200 people gathered for the 4th annual Southern Utah Code Camp. About 75 people competed in the Rookie Kit category. They were given a starter kit for a spaceship adventure game, and 24 hours to create a fun game.

In this assignment, you will be given 2 weeks to create your game from the same starter kit. The assignment is split into two parts, each with its own requirements and due date.

In the first part, you will get to know the starter kit and implement a few potential game features using some step-by-step tutorials that we have provided.

In the second part, you will add your own unique game design and implement the features necessary to make your program work according to your design.

If you don’t have Python and Pygame installed on your system, find the instructions at the end of this document. If you’re working in the CIT lab, Python and Pygame are already installed.

Getting Started

Download the starter kit here:

Unzip the contents, and run the file. You’ll see a white rectangle (the spaceship), and red squares (the baddies). Move the spaceship with the arrow keys, fire bullets with the space key.

You’ll notice that baddies die when bullets hit them; but the spaceship will never die, even if the baddies hit it.

End the game with the escape key.

Files in the starter kit:

Part I

Below is a list of tutorials we have provided to help you get started on making changes to the game. Choose at least 4 of the tutorials, and complete them in your game.

When you have completed your tasks, pass it off with the lab assistant, zip up your code, and submit it.

Part II

Make a plan for how you would like your game to be played. The game design is all yours! We can’t tell you what makes a game good or bad. That’s up to you.

You must add at least 5 additional game features to successfully complete this assignment. (Some can be finishing the tutorials above)

Show your game off to fellow students.

When you have completed your game, pass it off with the lab assistant, zip up your code, and submit it.

Installing Python and Pygame

You’ll need Python and PyGame installed on your system to run and change the game. Follow these instructions to do the setup.

Get Python first, and apply the installer. Get PyGame second, and apply the installer. Afterwards, try to launch the starter kit by running This should test that your installation is working correctly.

Last Updated 01/28/2015